In our Theater on Demand series, we are approaching the present with our new version of the triadic ballet, as we have been holding this piece in our repertoire since 2015 and we are playing it continuously since then.

The triadic ballet of Oskar Schlemmer is his most famous work for the theatrestage and this which is connected mostly with the stage of the Bauhaus.
So little it was to be seen during the twenties, the pictures of the ballet are connected today on the reconstructions and new creations of the sixties and seventies. It was necessary to add a new interpretation to these.

Instead of a stiff one to one costumerecreation the costumes are so interpreted as Schlemmer had developed them simply and originally as an enlargement of ballet costumes and stage figurines (also of the puppet theatre). Instead of automated, stare to dehumanised figurines to a mechanised music TRIAS picks out as a central theme the breaking off, the explosion and physical joy and musical action in the music and dance theatre. Instead of a celebration of high constructive Bauhaus art, TRIAS focusses itself on the clowneske and carnival stresses in Oskar Schlemmer’s access to the stage.

TRIAS of the THEATER DER KLAENGE is a new interpretation with the dance and musical possibilities of the 21st century. It ventures in 2014/15 for the first time for nearly 40 years and more than 90 years after his première.

Besides, TRIAS does not want to animate more or less as the inheritance of the classical modern art, but also the mind of the “roaring twenties” and with today’s physical and musical technologies to make a today’s (Bauhaus) stage party!

The piece was newly created in 2014/15 with relatively small financial means by the Theater der Klaenge. Thanks to generous support from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2019 and the ordering of duplicates of our figurines by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, also in 2019, a completely new figurine set was created last year, very much based on the originals by Oskar Schlemmer, with which the Theater der Klaenge has been touring since May 2019.

For this reason, a new complete recording of our 2019 guest performance at the Sayner Huette was recorded, which can now be viewed online in form of a HD-Video from Thursday, September 24 from 7 pm to Sun, September 27, 2020 until 10 pm.

Instead of ticket sales for this performance we ask for donations.