Everybody’s Heimspiel

Today marks the start of the Football European Championship and THEATER DER KLÄNGE is joining in the celebration!

As part of the UEFA EURO Düsseldorf project, artist Wolfram Lenssen presents the immersive Gesamtkunstwerk “D-Play.” Local Düsseldorf artists will have the opportunity to participate in this live media flow – each night after the football matches, starting at 11:00 PM.

Join us for two special evenings: On Friday, June 21st and Tuesday, July 2nd, THEATER DER KLÄNGE will present its “bauhausbühne” as a grand projection on the iconic facade of the Schauspielhaus.

We will showcase a compilation of our Bauhaus productions “The Mechanical Ballet,” “TRIAS – The Triadic Ballet,” and “The Lacquer Ballet,” framed by large-scale projections from our production “Human and Art Figure in the Spherical Theater.”

Don’t miss this unique blend of theatre and the European Championship!


a skyfull of light