Sprint & Salon in December 2022

Jean-Jacques Lemêtre

As the second of our events under the title “Sprints & Salons”, we invite the musician and composer Jean-Jacques Lemetre, who has worked for the famous Theatre du Soleil in Paris for many years, to Düsseldorf. From 7 to 10 December 2022, Lemetre will lead a 4-day sprint workshop for professional musicians, actors and dancers.
On the evening of 10 December at 6pm, the salon event entitled “Meet the Artist” will take place in our rehearsal studio.

Das virtuelle totale THEATER DER KLÄNGE

“be as unbiased as possible; approach things as if the world had just been created; do not reflect a thing to death, but let it unfold, gently but freely.

Oskar Schlemmer