I have embarked on an adventure. I can’t help it. The opportunity is there. I’m doing a ballet of lacquer for the anniversary party on December 6. I’ve said this once before. Now I’m being taken at my word. Actually, I don’t mind doing it. You can do something very attractive with simple means. Just out of coloured lacquered cardboard, balls, sticks and so on.

Letter to Tut Schlemmer, Wuppertal, 4.11.1941

Covid-19: Theatre on Demand

The Covid19 pandemic has also affected us indirectly at THEATER DER KLÄNGE. In the middle of the first rehearsal phase for our new production we have to stop our operations because the risk for our ensemble to infect each other is simply too great. Also, a performance of our TRIAS Suite for March 26th in Bocholt has been cancelled at short notice. Nevertheless, all our dancers, musicians, video and sound artists but also our director and choreographer have contracts promising them a salary. And rightly so! Our artists are without exception freelancers, almost all…


“be as unbiased as possible; approach things as if the world had just been created; do not reflect a thing to death, but let it unfold, gently but freely.

Oskar Schlemmer