Covid-19: Theatre on Demand

The Neuberin – The passion of a German theatre director was our first big theatrical book development which took up the years from 1997 to 1999. Friederike Caroline Neuber, called the “Neuberin”, was an unusual woman. She attempted during her times to establish a sophisticated bourgeois state theater, a sort of theater in between the italian elite court opera of the times and the shack boulevard-theater of the marketplace. Despite the furor she managed to create in her younger years, as well as getting a few authors to write for her theater, she was pressed so hard by the male dominated competition, that she ended up losing her own theater, her troupe and lastly even her reputation…


“be as unbiased as possible; approach things as if the world had just been created; do not reflect a thing to death, but let it unfold, gently but freely.

Oskar Schlemmer