100 years ago, the first performance exhibition of the Bauhaus took place in Weimar with the so-called “Bauhaus Weeks”. As part of this exhibition, the Bauhaus students also performed a programme entitled “The Mechanical Cabaret” in the Stadtheater Jena, which was rebuilt by Walter Gropius. Part of the programme included “The Mechanical Ballet” by the students Schmidt, Bogler and Teltscher.

To mark the occasion, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation are inviting THEATER DER KLÄNGE to the (historic) stage at the Bauhaus Dessau on 24 August 2023 as part of its Kultursommer programme. In a double performance on Thursday, 24 August at 6 and 8 p.m., we will once again perform in Walter Gropius Bühne our 1987 re-creation of the “Mechanical Ballet”, which is based on sketches and photos of a “mechanical ballet” by the Bauhaus students from the year 1923.

The performances, each lasting 40 minutes, will be performed by our touring ensemble (4 dancers + 1 dancer) and 3 live musicians. The Bauhaus Dessau is worth a day visit, even more so if you then conclude it with a live performance of a Bauhaus ballet on stage.