After we – once again supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste within the framework of “Neustart Kultur” – spent the entire first half of 2023 researching folk dance and music primarily from the Rhineland and Westphalia under the title “Palimpsest Research”, we concluded this research phase with two results:

On 24 June 2023, with an open-air short performance of three contemporary interpreted dance and music pieces on the concert stage in Düsseldorf’s Hofgarten, followed by a “Bal modern” for the dancing audience.
Also: an e-book that compiles texts, sheet music, dance descriptions and images from our research into a 180-page compendium. The book will be published in its final form in January 2024 for the premiere of our new programme.
From mid-October onwards, on the basis of this research, we will begin our development and rehearsal work for our new production (working title: West-Land Dances), which will deal with this special cultural heritage in a new interpretative way.

The premiere series is planned from 11 to 14 January 2024 at the Forum Freies Theater (KAP1) in Düsseldorf.