oops, we are still playing

A Relevance Revue


Director: J.U. Lensing

Choreographies: Jacqueline Fischer

Music: Michael Scheibenreiter

Costumes: Caterina Di Fiore

Lighting Design: Markus Schramma

Artistic Operations Office: Julia Roth

Photos: Oliver Eltinger


Laura Sophia Becker

Manuel Jadue

Jacqueline Krell

Sophia Otto

Christian Paul

Manuel Rittich

Sophie Riva

Rafael Svarin

A production of the THEATER DER KLÄNGE Düsseldorf

Let’s not be shown up!
There would be no more need
Theatre of the Closed Doors
we could already feel the end
After the crisis, no return?

Let us not be deceived!
That art is not important
It won’t be enough for you
If you have to let it go!

Lyrics by J.U. Lensing

About The Production

The Corona restrictions hit art and culture – and especially the performing arts and music – particularly hard. Theatres and concert halls were closed, guest performances were cancelled by the dozen, an entire sector was unemployed overnight.

More difficult than that, however, was the sudden realisation that art and culture, and especially the live arts, were the ones most likely to be dispensed with, and for the longest time. While economic life continued in the home office, and sports, shops and restaurants were gradually allowed to reopen, the theatres and concert halls remained closed almost continuously from spring 2020 to autumn 2021.

Complaining was not the solution, but reflection, questioning and contemplation were called for: When the first rehearsal, audition and workshop dates were possible again in spring 2021, the invited performing artists were delighted that dance and drama were finally possible again in an ensemble.

This joy in doing one’s own thing was thus the theme of our revue “oops, we are still playing”.

The Düsseldorf THEATER DER KLÄNGE thus reacted to the 18-month Corona ban on the performing arts with a musical theatre revue on questions of the RELEVANCE of theatre and art today.

In the style of the cabaret revues of the 1920s, but modernised to themes, questions and forms of presentation as well as the music of our time, THEATER DER KLÄNGE performed this revue evening 21 to 24 April 2022 in the theatre hall of the Düsseldorf Komödie.

A ten-member dance, music and acting ensemble transformed the stage into a place of poetry, play, dance, songs, magic and questions for the audience during this period.

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