Originally we were invited for February this year with our piece “TRIAS – The Triadic Ballet” in the Festhalle Viersen and parallel to this there would have been an exhibition on the “Lacquer Ballet” in the “Villa V” in Viersen until spring. Thanks to Corona, TRIAS is now postponed for one year and the exhibition on the “Lackballett” is postponed to distant times, if not canceled…

However, as a small compensation, we will currently put a virtual exhibition about the Lackballett online from February 1st and let this exhibition run in a 3D web gallery until the founding anniversary of the Theater der Klänge on May 10th, 2021.

In addition to 10 screenshots from video artist Yoann Trellu’s interactive computer work for and with the Theater der Klänge ensemble on the Lackballett, we are also exhibiting a selection of 12 photos from the performance (photographer: Oliver Eltinger).

Both the screenshots and the photos are available for sale, but would always have to be made to order individually.

Every sold photo – high quality printed on HD-Alu-Dibond – benefits the Theater der Klänge as well as the photographer and the video artist!

Online-Gallery "Das Lackballett"