A month ago we were still cautiously hopeful about a possible postponement of our January premiere to March. Since this week it is certain: no premiere will be possible in March 2021 either!

For this reason, we have again decided to postpone and are now cautiously optimistic about a possible premiere date of 6 May 2021 for our new play Human and Artificial Figure in the Globe Theatre. So, should no further waves, or even new mutation pandemics follow, but sensible behaviour and medical art be able to defeat this aggressor, we hope for possible communal gatherings again without fear, so that we can also experience our performing arts again in a place directly with our own senses.

Of course, the situation also challenges us to create alternatives and to try them, as we did with our video streaming series Theatre on Demand from March to November 2020 and are currently doing – in another variation – with the exhibition of images of the Lacquer Ballet curated by us in our online gallery.

But the basic condition of theatre and dance in our latitudes is the theatre in which a community gathers to witness a “cultic” event, which it not only watches or listens to, but in which it becomes a component through its active participation. Performers and recipients see and hear each other and, in the best cases, interact with each other. A so-called “transmission” of such an event via electronic aids cannot be a substitute for this, but is always only a derivation.

So we hope for this reunion, renewed experience with our audience and are also working in parallel on other forms of electronic derivations and further European cooperation projects, which, however, should not replace the live event!