Our last Theatre on demand action the past weekend with the video of Das Lackballett unfortunately does not mean the end of the Corona consequences for our work as well.

Currently we are still in the rehearsal process for our new piece “Man and Art Figure in the Dome-Theater” and hope to use the remaining 8 days, which are left to bring our piece together, in full cast. Air exchangers, disinfectants, mouthguards, etc. currently still allow rehearsals in our rehearsal studio in Düsseldorf.

At the same time, more and more performance opportunities are breaking away. The guest performance with our TRIAS-Suite at “Bauhaus 100 im Westen” in Bocholt, which was cancelled in March, has probably been cancelled forever without replacement. The recently cancelled guest performance with “Das Lackballett” in Steinfurt will probably be made up for in spring 2021. Our planned premiere of the new piece in the Bochum Planetarium for January 2021 is in the balance, as is the guest performance with “TRIAS” in Viersen planned for April…

Our appeal for donations has raised just over 2500 € in funds through the various ways of donating to us. Together with a donation from the Heinrich-Heine-Kreis Düsseldorf, we were recently able to at least pay out the fees to those involved in the cancelled Bocholt guest performance.

After initial uncertainty at the beginning of the first lockdown in spring, numerous funding opportunities have been set up by the german federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. We have been supported by some of these programs, so that our rehearsal studio could be and is currently being equipped for Corona and we were even able to compensate for cancelled rehearsal dates later in June and currently with the additional funds.

We would like to thank the National Performance Network with its program #steppingout, the NRW Office for Free Performing Arts with its production support, the Performing Arts Fund with its program #takecare and the DTHG program #Neustart Kultur. A donation from the van Meeteren Foundation and countless individual donations contribute to the fact that in 2020 we were and are able to work financially as carefree as possible.

For the cancelled “Lackballett” guest performance, we will organize an online performance on November 22. More about this in the next newsletter.

Please come through the second lockdown in good health and keep your fingers crossed that the figures in December/January return to normal so that we can realize our planned premiere in early 2021.