From 7 to 18 August 2023, the Norwegian organisation Davvi – Senter for scenekunst has invited us to Hammerfest for 12 days as part of a residency programme. Our choreographer Jacqueline Fischer, our artistic director J.U. Lensing and the dancer Sophia Otto will meet the Norwegian dancer and choreographer Karianne Andreassen in Hammerfest.

During the 12 days, these four creative Europeans will deal with the coast of Norway, the (sound) landscape shaped by the Arctic water and the question of how to use this environment as scenography for a short dance film to be made there during the 12 days. This residency programme emerged from the 2021/22 Erasmus+ programme “Dance Highways” in which Davvi was the Norwegian partner out of a total of 5 European partners involved. In April 2023, Karianne Andreassen was a guest of the Theater der Klänge in Düsseldorf for a week as Davvi’s “envoy”. During the week, the concept for the Norway residency was developed and the first ideas for a dance film were sketched out.