Dance Sprint with Pedro Pauwels

mi.12oct(oct 12)10:00sa.15(oct 15)17:00Dance Sprint with Pedro Pauwels

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Workshops conducted and documented by renowned artists in the rehearsal studio of the Theater der Klänge in Düsseldorf are intended to make it possible to experience working methods for contemporary dance, theatre music and theatre creation. Both the workshop results and exemplary examples of music, dance or theatre will be presented, discussed and documented publicly at the end of each workshop in socalled salons in the rehearsal studio of the Theater der Klänge.

Complemented by interviews with the artists, but also with the workshop participants, shortanalysis videos as well as podcasts on the artists and their working methods will be created as lasting mediation formats. These videos and podcasts will be published in the „virtual theatre of sounds“ in the first half of 2023.

Methodically based on the Design Sprint format, in which prototypes for design questions are developed in four-day intensive workshops, individual short choreographies are to be developed during the Dance Sprint based on systematic guidelines and in the style of the guest lecturer (choreographer). Similarly, the aim of the music sprint is to develop a short concert format.

The workshop leaders speak French. Translations into German will be provided on site.

  1. Day: Welcome, introduction, expertises, setting limits and goals.
  2. Day: Developing ideas and sketching individually. Present sketches in a practical way.
  3. Day: Make selection and determine presentation sequence. Rehearsing the scene selection.
  4. Day: Finalising the individual programme points, run-through.
    Evening Salon: Presentation of both – the workshop leader and the programme developed in the workshop.
    Afterwards: Meet the Artist discussion

Pedro Pauwels

Pedro Pauwels‘ career is essentially based on sensuality and the nature of materials as a source of choreographic writing. In the workshop, general rules and regularities are to be derived from the specific handling of materials in order to find a „pretext for dancing“: How can one find the essence of a unique choreographic material starting from experimenting (playing) with a material, like a piece of cloth? The workshop will take place in two phases: a time of experimentation (improvisation) and a time of composition starting from given elements (objects). In a continuation, the painting „La Danse de Matisse“ will be used to work with limiting conditions. In the painting, the dancing protagonists hold hands and form a circle. This situation is reproduced both spatially and physically and a group choreography is developed from this compulsion to hold each other’s hands.

Constraint/Freedom: Pedro Pauwels is of the opinion that freedom can only exist within the framework of clearly defined limits; without this framework, these constraints, we can only lose ourselves. From this group situation, possible solutions are sought in order to find an organic organisation of the movement. From both approaches, playing with the material and following constraints, short choreographies will be developed in the course of the workshop, which will be presented at the end as elaborated choreographic miniatures.

Professional workshop for contemporary dance 12 to 15 October each from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Course fee 125.- € incl. lunch each day)
Final presentation and Meet the Artist Salon: Saturday, 15 October 7 p.m. (Admission: 10.- €)



12. Oktober 2022 10:00 - 15. Oktober 2022 17:00(GMT+02:00)


Theater der Klänge

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