Vicious Circles

In 2006 we ventured after religious subjects (Ludus Danielis in 1994 and Gregorius in 2004) also once the employment of the Satan. But – nomen est omen – was this creation one of the most difficult works in our history for the anewed ensemble…

People that would otherwise have remained silent and unheard give a first-hand account of their everyday lives, their hopes and frustrations, their pain and their suffering. These portraits of their personal and social lives together form an uncompromising picture of present-day society, marked by increasing competition and pressure, structural mass unemployment, welfare cuts and the marginalising of ever larger social groups. They all suffer in one way or another because of social conditions; they are all overwhelmed by the unreasonable demands and humiliations they have to bear. Through a series of interviews, we learn about the precarious conditions that make life so difficult for them, and about which they can usually do nothing.

These poor people – especially immigrants without any income – are beset by vague fears. “Vicious Circles” sets out to portray their feelings, desires, fears and hopelessness in the street, in prison, in court or in a cellar in the city. The play’s originality lies in the way it depicts them in all their humanity without resorting to clichés.

The play gives a voice to people whose concerns and problems would otherwise pass unnoticed. The aim is not to pity or laugh at or spurn these people, but to understand them!

In particular the original interview passages lent to the scenic action as a soundtrack an affected making power, which was published in parallel also as an audio book.

In memory: We make this online action above all for making our performances visible, although performances are actually restricted. An audience ordinarily pays for this entrance fees. Instead of this we ask for donations for our topical activities!

Online from from the 9th of july – 7pm till the 12th of july, 2020 – 10pm.