This fall we want to complete our online performances in form of a Theater on Demand, which we have started in March for the Corona Lockdown, so that you can see and hear our works of the last 10 years in full length online for one weekend each until the end of October 2020. Instead of tickets to these online video performances we ask for donations!

We will continue the series from Thursday, September 3rd at 7 pm on with our creation from 2010 SUITE intermediale.

In “SUITE intermediale” dancers use space as an audio-visual instrument. The “Inter-Media Suite”, is made up of seven self-contained, audio-visual compositions. It is a collective creation of a choreographer and a director together with video artists, a composer and performers (who are simultaneously dancers and musicians).

On the visual level, the dance performance is transformed into a three dimensional video and light environment. On the acoustic level, the electronic transformation of sound, generated live or electronically, is interpreted and controlled by the movements of the dancers.

The elements of teamwork, interaction and cooperation play decisive roles, because the piece is not about a single authorship but is rather, a collective development in the combining of diverse competences. The equal treatment of music algorithms, video algorithms and choreographic modular material requires from all participating persons, a deep respect for the developmental process, and for the efforts of the equally participating artists, from various disciplines. A great liberty of creation possibilities exist for the performers, because they are not only dancers, they are visual transmitters for the video input, and they are musicians of the composer’s live offered sound structures as well. At the same time, they have to improvise structurally within a frame, which is arranged with the choreographer, working varyingly with fixed movement material. A detailed knowledge of the interactive techniques is necessary and comparable to a musician who knows his instrument exactly and who knows perfectly well how to play it.

The scenographic and acoustic spaces only emerge through the actions of the dancers. “SUITE intermediale” brings together “Musique concrète” with interactive electronic music as well as theories of “absolute film” developed through modern real time transformation of sound by computer. In each performance the real time composition comes to a varied form.

“SUITE intermediale” was the logical continuation and completion of an interactive-electronic theater approach, which began as early as 1993 with the piece Figur und Klang im Raum (Figure and Sound in Space) and was significantly developed further in HOEReographien in 2005. The technology used, as well as the intermedial approach to it, also played a decisive role in subsequent pieces such as Vanitas, Coda or, more recently, in the Lackballett.

With the new piece “Das Kugeltheater”, which we are developing for a premiere in January 2021, this approach will be consistently expanded to a 3D space for video and audio…